4 reasons to wear men’s boots

The detail that is essential for a striking look is the sapato casual masculino. Today, the most modern men are abandoning the frequent use of sneakers and betting on more striking footwear. At this time, boots make all the difference.

Want to know why and how to wear men’s boots? Just check out the post made for you:

Why wear men’s boots?

Before knowing how to set up a production with boots, learn a few reasons to wear them:

1. they bring more personality to the look

Boots bring a lot of personality to a composition. Boots, for example, have a rebellious background that leaves the look with a rocker air. Any neutral look gains a lot more personality when you add boots. Do the test: put on light jeans, a white shirt, and a nice pair of boots. You will see the difference!

2. They are very comfortable and versatile

Besides matching most pieces of your closet (some people even wear them with a suit), boots guarantee comfort. A quality pair is usually made of leather or other durable material. In addition, the interior is lined and padded. 

So you can walk freely in many places without being bothered by sore feet. Finally, you can also find models of men’s boots for various occasions: parties, parties, hiking, trekking, and much more.

3. They don’t go out of style

Boots are classics and have been in fashion for a long time. Search for “Wayward Youth” and you’ll find James Dean wearing boots, which act as the icing on the cake of his rebellious look.

Today, you can find the footwear in many different models, from the more traditional to punk, grunge or modern. Just do your research and find the pair that best suits your style.

4. They are a classic of movie stars

James Dean, Clint Eastwood, Stallone, Mel Gibson, and Hugh Jackman are just a few names that shined with their pairs of boots in the movies.

Who doesn’t remember the action scenes in Rambo, Wolverine, or Mad Max? In addition to style, the footwear is an essential item for action heroes who demonstrate physical effort and courage on the big screen.

What are the best known models of men’s boots?


Originally, the boots were worn by the army – so much so that their name in English is combat boot. The model worn today is an urban version of the one that was part of the soldiers’ uniform.

Made of leather, today’s boots maintain their characteristic resistance. It has a high shaft to protect the legs, a reinforced beak, and a thick sole. Although it can easily be confused with the work boot, the boot does not have a tractor sole and its shaft is longer.

Chukka boots

Although casual, the chukka boot is extremely stylish. Its main characteristic is the rubber sole in counterpoint to the polished leather body. It has seams that adorn its entire structure.

Work boots

Rigid and very resistant, the work boot was made for hard work. It has steel reinforcement on the bill, and a waterproof sole. Its structure is sturdy and rustic, besides being more comfortable than the work boot.

Chelsea boots

A shorter model, but with a remarkable detail: a vertical elastic band on the sides. They can be made of leather (polished or not), nubuck or suede. There are no laces or zippers, but the elastic bands make it easier to put on. The Chelsea shoe became famous when it was worn by the Beatles in the 1960s.

Desert boots

As the name says, the origin of the desert boot has to do with the desert. It was the model of footwear that British army officers wore when they were not in uniform. Short and made of suede, the casual model has thin laces and is suitable for both informal environments and for day to day work.

Hiking boots

Despite being reinforced, the hiking boot is light, flexible and has hooks for fastening the nylon laces. They are made for hiking or jobs that demand long walks and physical effort.


Without shoelaces, monk boots have between two and three buckles on the outer sides, which guarantee elegance to the footwear. They are usually made of polished leather and can be worn in more formal environments together with a pair of pants, for example.


The well-known cowboy boots may not be so popular on the streets, but they are perfect for those who want a country or farm look. Check out the list with the most popular models!

  • Roper: with a square heel, it has an average height of 30 cm and a rounded beak. It is usually made of bovine leather and can be found with a smooth or embroidered shaft.
  • Western: with a Cuban heel, it has a thicker sole to support long walks.
  • Texan: this is the most adorned model, always with eye-catching colors and embroidery. It has a thin beak and a forked high shaft.

How to wear men’s boots?

Not convinced that boots will bring identity to your closet? Find out now how to put together authentic looks with them:

Chelsea boots with business casual

The work look can become more modern and fashion forward when you add a boot. In this case, the Chelsea can keep the classic line (when the model is made of leather) or make the look more irreverent (when it is made of suede and in a lighter color).

For professional environments, use the polished leather one, which brings elegance. It is light and comfortable, perfect for work days. Combine it with an oxford shirt and jeans or dress pants.

Work boots with Bermuda shorts

This look is for the bolder ones! The visual weight of the work boots balances the informality and lightness of the bermudas. You can combine them with a dress shirt or polo shirt, for example.

Chukka boots with jeans

Wear a nice denim shirt or oxford, jeans with the hem tucked in and a pair of chukka boots. Finish with a leather belt and a silver watch. Formal, rebellious or irreverent, the men’s boot is an essential item in every man’s closet. So, all you have to do is find the ideal model and put together a look that conveys your personality.

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