7 Ways to Stop Employee Thefts at Your Repair Store

Have you ever caught an employee stealing from your store? Well, it’s an issue every business owner has faced at least once, and you are probably facing it too.

Employees play a significant role in making or breaking any business. If you own a cell phone repair store, you want to hire the best people who are both – fit for that job and honest.

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Keeping your employees away from stealing your hard-earned cash is one of the challenges you might be facing right now. But have you pondered over how to stop this? Or better still, how can you keep track of your sales and cash flow effectively so that no blip on the radar goes unnoticed?

This post will discuss the ways you can stop employee theft at your cell phone repair store. Also, how can you benefit from technology using a robust employee management software for your repair shop.

Close Supervision

Ok, I agree, this one is a no brainer! 

You need to supervise your employees’ performance and work patterns to ensure they are not stealing from your cash counter. Over the years, researchers have indicated that the theft rate increases whenever there is a relaxation in supervision. As a result, employee fraud rates go up.

Close supervision doesn’t necessarily mean that you always have to apply strict rules and regulations in your shop. You can use a reliable repair shop software to keep track of your employees and the sales you make over the day. Then, after the day ends, you can check whether the cash is as it should be.

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Video Surveillance 

A watching eye always helps!

Repair shops mostly use video cameras for surveillance, but employees still get away with theft. One of the core reasons is not installing a camera in the proper position. 

In addition, if your employee is qualified enough, he can change camera settings. This way, you will never notice when he steals and how much of that which is yours, you’ve lost. 

The best solution to keep them from stealing is to install a surveillance camera above your counter. Also, keep the camera setting controls to yourself only. This can help you take your store’s internal security to a game-proof level.

Set a Zero Tolerance Policy for Misconduct

Clarify your employees that there will be a zero-tolerance policy. They should be made aware of the consequences of their actions which means that they know that the company will take serious action if anyone is found in any levels of theft and fraud.

The common practice is firing from the job and in some cases reporting to the cops as well. 

Pay your Employees Well 

According to experts and people who own repair stores, one of the major reasons behind employee theft is not getting enough wages, incentives, and sales commissions. Inflation is at its peak globally, and it’s difficult for companies to pay their employees well.

Ultimately, theft cases are increasing in retail and repair stores. So, to control the situation, pay your employees as much as possible to establish a fair, respectful working relationship. Using a powerful shop maintenance software, you can give incentives to the employees based on their performance.

POS Software for Inventory Management

If you are not using any software to track and manage your inventory, you’re making it easier for the employee to steal. Manual methods of managing the stock are not effective at all. Instead, it will become a headache as you have to keep track of even the smallest accessories.

Instead, use POS software to manage your inventory and check analytics. This will ensure that all your transactions and stock are in your control and safekeep.

Give Incentives Quarterly

An incentivized work culture always motivates your employees to work harder. Of course, you don’t have to give them an entire salary, but even some percentage of their salary would be excellent. This way, they’ll feel appreciated and would want to do even better. 

Automated Cash Management System 

It is one of the practical and easiest ways to prevent employee theft and helps streamline the processes. Everything will get done automatically with the shop maintenance software, and your employees do not have to recount the cash, saving time. This eliminates any chance of stealing as every transaction is documented, and monitored by an automated unfudgeable system. 

Final Words

Trusting is good, but trusting after ensuring your own security is even better. Therefore, the smartest and smoothest way around to ensure that your employees don’t steal from you, put to practice a savvy shop maintenance software  and prevent theft in your shop.

Another good practice to keep in mind is that if you find any of your employees stealing, don’t immediately report them to the police. Instead, have a conversation with them and try to find the reasons behind this act.

Understanding the reasons will help you ensure that this doesn’t get repeated in future.

Last but not the least, a helpful thing you can do is arrange work ethics sessions at the end of every month. It might not be the most efficient way to stop employee theft, but it can help you in educating them and helping in establishing a moral compass for them.

These tips will help you out and can give a boost to your business. If you have any further recommendations, please comment below.

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