How to remove moles without killing them

A mole is an earthworm-like creature that lives in the ground and eats worms, grubs and other invertebrates.

The amount that an animal eats affects how quickly it can grow, so it’s important to keep a close eye on what your animals are eating.

Moles are the size of a dime, and they have a little tail.

They have long, cylindrical bodies, soft black-grey fur that hides their small eyes, broad shoulders, spade-like feet and a pink, hairless snout.

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How to remove moles without killing them

Moles are one of the more frustrating things to have in your yard. If you want to get rid of them without killing them, read this guide.

Signs of Moles present 

  • Mounds of dirt found are symmetrical and round.
  • Dirt shows through, and clods are present.
  • Trenches and mounds are created in urban areas where there are sidewalks.
  • Mole hills can be quite large, with some measuring as much as two feet across!
  • The most damage is usually found where there are lots of wood piles and rotting logs; areas that are damp.

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Removing Moles

Dry soil

Because darker dirt is easier to dig through, it appears that moles favour the shadows.

Overwatering your grass may waste a lot of water and provide moles with the ideal setting for a new home.

To prevent the soil from becoming too moist if this is not possible, you might also attempt increasing soil drainage.

Grass often receives weekly irrigation. It doesn’t require a lot of watering. With this technique, you may use less water to maintain your property. Here is guide about Killing Moles With Marshmallows.

Mole repellent spray

You will need to apply a mole repellant if it looks like all the moles on your face are growing larger and more persistent.

There are a few non-lethal solutions available as well as sprays and granules that employ chemicals or pesticides.

In fact, Tomcat produces a ready-to-spray repellant using castor oil as its primary component. Castor oil is a foul-tasting liquid.

Don’t overwater your yard

Earthworms love the damp, muddy soil since it’s a terrific spot to eat and provides a pleasant treat for them.

This implies that if your yard is damp, you are more likely to attract moles.

In order to keep worms and moles away, you must maintain your grass as dry as you can.

Water main breakdowns may result from rain. Ensure the functionality of your irrigation systems.

When your mole problems are resolved and you’re ready to sow grass seed for a brand-new lawn, consider picking grass or plants that require less water to thrive.

You will be able to retain more moisture as a result and encounter root rot less frequently.

Create a barrier

To catch moles, you can use mousetraps or other animal control tools, but it’s crucial to install traps in a way that doesn’t harm the ecosystem.

Moles can be deterred by fragrant plants like marigolds, daffodils, and garlic while also bringing extra colour to your landscape.

Planting weeds or insects on a raised patch of soil can prevent them from spreading across your grass and harming your lawn.

Use an electric fence to keep moles out of a large garden if it requires a bit extra security. Current from an electrical outlet can kill them.


In conclusion, there are a few things to consider before you start the removal process. First, it’s important to know what kind of mole you’re dealing with.

Are you dealing with a harmless mole or a deadly cancer? Second, you need to decide whether or not you want to remove the mole.

If you choose to remove the mole, then you’ll need to know which method of removal will work best for your particular situation.

And lastly, you’ll need to know how to safely remove your mole without killing it.

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