Best Jewelry Styles You Can Try

Best Jewelry Styles You Can Try

In a world of fast fashion, it is a bit difficult to decide what to wear and what not to wear. With so many options it tends to be even more difficult and as the saying goes ‘with great options comes great confusion’ or whatever the quote was. It surely is confusing to decide from so many options that you have. The confusion increases even more when you have to decide the accessories you have to wear with your chosen outfit.

Jewelry is one of the best accessory women can own and wear. It looks elegant and stunning at the least. Having a range of different sets of jewelry pieces is every women’s dream but with the soaring prices of jewels, it is merely impossible for one to own a set of different jewelry items.

However, when there is a problem there is a solution too and in this case, it is artificial jewelry. It has been gaining every woman’s trust and they are loving it. Another reason for it being famous is its extremely beautiful designs and styles with unbelievably affordable prices.

So here is the main question, how do you style it with all the different outfits and what types of jewels and ornaments you can try with your outfits? Here is a list of jewels that you can try with different dresses and outfits.

Jewelry Styles to Try With Different Dresses

Here are the some of the best jewelry styles you can try with the top outfits.

  1. Gharara Suits
  2. Kurta pajama
  3. Shalwar kameez (suit)
  4. Ghagra Choli
  5. Saree

1.     Gharara Suits

Gharara suits are a traditional form of attire worn by many women at special events like weddings. They typically consist of a long kurta and a pair of flared pants, known as ghararas. The beauty of gharara suits lies in their intricate embroidery and embellishments, which often include intricate zari work, beadwork, and sequins.

With gharara suits you can wear a lot of jewels including bridal sets that are lite and delicate. You can try a mix of things like matha pati, bindia and jhumar, earrings like jhumkey, chandelier earrings and more. You can also pull up some bangles with it and a touch of rings and anklets can also elevate your whole look.

2.     Kurta Pajama

Kurta pajama is one of the most elegant attire one can worn. kurta pajama is beautiful because of its simplicity and elegance. The kurta, which is a long tunic, is often made from lightweight fabrics such as cotton, linen, or silk, and it is comfortable to wear and is perfect for wearing it for long times.

With this beautiful piece of attire, you can try a range of jewels including bracelets, bangles, chains, and earrings. You can also try some pretty and simple looking necklaces and rings to look more pretty in the outfit.

3.     Shalwar Kameez (Suit)

The shalwar kameez is a traditional clothing ensemble worn by many across South Asia particularly in Pakistan. Consisting of a pair of loose-fitting pants (shalwar) and a long tunic or shirt (kameez) it is one the most common and beautiful outfits. The uniqueness of the shalwar kameez lies in its versatility and comfort.

Shalwar kameez offers you to wear a ton of different accessories including bracelets, bangles earrings like stud, dangle, and hoop. Additionally, you can also try some elegant anklets and maybe a pair of chains to further enhance your look. You can also try rings and your sentiment jewelry is obviously a must!

4.     Ghagra Choli

Ghagra Choli is a traditional attire worn mainly by women in the northern and western regions of Pakistan. It consists of two pieces: a ghagra, which is a long skirt that flows down to the feet, and a choli, which is a blouse that is worn on the upper body.

Being a traditional attire, it is filled with heavy embellishments and with that, only the jewelry sets that are packed with trinkets and pearls will complement the outfit. However, you can try some attractive rings, anklets, and bangles to be more than gorgeous.

5.     Saree

Wear it a thousand times and you will not regret it for a moment. Saree is one of the most beautiful pice of attire and perfectly made for women. It is a long piece of cloth, typically around 5-9 yards in length, which is draped around the body in a specific way. The saree is worn with a blouse, called a choli, which covers the upper body, and a petticoat, which adds volume to the lower half of the saree.

With saree you can wear almost anything and you will look equally amazing, however, you can try a mix of artificial jewels including nose pins or nose rings, jhumkey, necklaces, and bangles. Except that, you can also try bindia and jhumar and matha pati too. All of the jewels mentioned can elevate your style and give you a more elegant look in your outfit.


When wearing any of the jewels with your outfits, try to match the colors of the jewels with your outfit. Matching jewels with outfits make you look 200% more beautiful and enhance your overall look making you look extra attractive.

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