Biometric Recognition – Tech-Driven Solutions to Counter Ticketing Scams

Biometric recognition is reigning in every process of daily life from validating online transactions to seamless boarding at airports. Similarly, ticketing companies are also integrating this technology to streamline their operations. While there exists a high risk of identity theft, terrorist attacks, and other illicit activities, coupon distributors need to be a step ahead of fraudsters. However, deterring their malicious intention in this technologically advanced sphere has become challenging. 

Ticketing companies are coming up with innovations like biometric screening to provide more convenience and limit hassle for customers. They need to redesign their operations for preventing duplication of fake tickets, the entrance of importers, and long queues. This blog provides details regarding how biometric ID verification solutions are transforming ticketing companies.

Application of Biometric ID Verification Solutions Within Ticketing Processes 

The online event ticketing market reached a height of $28.49 billion worth in 2021 and is further expected to experience a 7.52% CAGR growth while reaching $94.92 billion by 2027. However, this rapidly expanding industry is undergoing various backlashes including high fraud risks. Similarly, criminals create fake passes and coupons to enter gatherings for committing terrorist activities. This forces ticketing companies to bring in efficient security measures from time of registration to join the venues. 

Biometric screening solutions are capable of eliminating the need for carrying hard copies of tickets that can be duplicated or stolen. This technology makes individuals’ authentication easier by recording their biological and behavioral traits prior to their appearance at the event. 

Biometric identity verification solutions come with a variety of checks including facial validation, fingerprint analysis, palm vein scans, gesture evaluation, liveness detection, voice recognition, and iris/retina examinations. Each inspection is equally advanced for driving accuracy to secure ticketing processes. Further details include:

Biometric Checks are Safer

Despite using Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and documents as supporting evidence, ticketing companies still face vulnerabilities. Creating duplicate passes or stealing ones from actual buyers are to name a few. Similarly, spoofing attacks make facial recognition questionable. Deepfake attempts are reducing the reliability of audio-based biometric recognition. However, advanced checks such as palm vein and iris/retina scanning provide additional layers of accuracy. This makes biometric security solutions safer for ticketing companies. 

More Hygiene with Touchless Verification 

Biometric ID verification technology is bringing touchless means of identification to light. By installing AI-powered IDV scanners, ticketing companies can minimize the need for customers’ physical contact. Users can simply scan their faces, hover their hands, or perform certain gestures in the webcam to escape hassle at entry points.  

Biometric Technology Enhanced Privacy

During digital onboarding and booking tickets online, customers are the most concerned regarding their privacy. This also includes recording biometric features. Therefore, ticketing companies should obtain consent from users prior to scanning their distinct features. Furthermore, integrating biometric recognition also counters security threats that customers face during physical verification.  554

Benefits of Integrating Biometric Security Systems in Ticketing Companies 

AI-powered IDV solutions hold the potential to replace long-in-use tickets for airport terminals, buses, autonomous cars, and events. Furthermore, biometric screening solutions also benefit law enforcement agencies, transportation systems, and gathering organizers. They can limit operational costs while enabling customers to book passes by scanning their distinct features. 

Upon arrival, individuals can re-scan facial features, voice patterns, iris/retina, or palm veins to seamlessly enter the venues. Further benefits of using biometric user authentication for ticketing companies are in the next section:

Prevention of Fraudulent Activities

Scammers are making ways to earn extra bucks by selling fake passes. As of 2022, concert ticket fraud has risen by 72%. This accounts as the most recurring threat exposing passes providing companies with huge financial and reputational losses. Counterfeiting tickets as well as creating duplicate ones by forging barcodes and logos are commonplace these days. 

Ticketing companies require biometric recognition solutions to tick out the use of risk-possessed passes and bring in efficient identification mechanisms. Solutions like liveness detention and validating biological/behavioral traits IDV solutions ensure the real-time presence of customers. Hence, ticketing companies can effectively deter fraud risks.

Provide Eco-Friendly Solutions 

Papers are considered the biggest contributors to land pollution. In order to come up with eco-friendly solutions, biometric security systems are providing ticketing companies with contactless identity checks. Customers can simply scan their biological features to confirm their presence and will not have to carry prints of passes. 

End Notes

Ticketing companies can reap various benefits by integrating biometric recognition technology from providing seamless identity verification to frictionless entrance. These service providers can save additional operational costs, prevent duplications, counter identity fraud, and drive more efficacy. Due to this, stadiums, concert organizers, airports, and transportation providers are integrating biometric security solutions. Hence, AI-powered IDV solutions are sure to drive more secure growth for ticketing companies. 

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