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Black Pants What To Wear With Them?

It is a basic that can be found in the wardrobes of many women. Black Notebook sober and classic, are indeed a fashion must-have. First of all, because it comes in a multitude of materials, cuts and styles. It adapts to all morphologies and all trends. Then, because it is easy to wear and fits into both chic and casual outfits. But to do what you want with your black pants, which pieces to associate with them?

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Does black go with everything?

This is part of the received ideas that we have about black. However, no, black does not (always) go well with all colors. You have two main solutions to choose the color of the clothes you will wear with your black pants: tone on tone or contrast. The first gives you a sober and classic look. The whole range of grays will be easy to harmonize. Other dark colors can be associated with black pants: navy blue, purple, even brown, allow you to create sober and elegant looks. To bring pep to your black pants, you can also choose a color that contrasts: yellow, red or white, even electric blue, are shades that will be highlighted by black. Other colors can be associated with black: pink, orange, beige, khaki,

Black slims?

This is often one of the reasons why a woman chooses to wear black pants. It would indeed have the power to visually refine the silhouettes. It is true that black has a slimming power, provided you combine it with the right pieces. To capitalize on this effect, favor other sober colors. It is also often advisable to play on the contrasts of shapes. If your pants are fitted, opt for a loose top. If your pants are wide and supple, pair them with a close-fitting top.

For A Dressy Look

Your black pants, you wear them in the evening or to go to the office. It is probably a suit trouser, with darts, cigarette or 7/8. To keep its naturally classy look, wear it with a white blouse and black or anthracite pumps. A blue or red striped shirt can also classify black pants with class. Nude pumps will also look great with your black pants. In winter, warm things up with a camel or navy-blue coat.

And For A Casual Outfit

Even black dress pants may not be austere. To do this, just pair it with pieces that contrast with its style, such as a blue denim jacket or a leather biker jacket, a message t-shirt, a pair of white or electric blue trainers. Black jeans, on the other hand, make it easy to concoct chic urban looks. Wear it, for example, with a red sailor top and a trench coat. It goes just as well with derbies as it does with the latest fashionable shoes or sneakers. And for a trendy outfit, combine your black pants with well-chosen and colorful accessories.

The Total Black Trouser Look

For those who swear only by black, you can dare the monochrome card. But pay attention to the quality of the clothes. Black does not tolerate any worn or poor-quality materials. The combination is also a good way to adopt a classy and monochromatic look. How to accessorize a black jumpsuit? As the top and bottom are already the same color, you can add a colorful detail: nude pumps, camel boots, a silver handbag, a white belt, a pale pink jacket, golden jewelry

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