Tips to buy Pakistani designer clothes online

Tips to buy Pakistani designer clothes online

Pakistan has been at the heart of fashion for ages. With the online shopping boom going on, Pakistani brands are gradually spreading their wings worldwide, especially in countries like the UK and USA, which have large Pakistani communities. Pakistani designer clothes have always been popular with Pakistani celebrities, but now the new generation is buying these clothes online and showing off their style worldwide on social media! Several online shops in Pakistan provide quality designer wear to their customers. Still, there are also some things that you need to keep in mind while buying Pakistani designer clothes from an online store. So here are a few tips to buy Pakistani designer clothes online.

Where to shop?

Many online shopping sites have now started selling high-quality and inexpensive Pakistani fashion. One such site is Maria B Designer Boutique, which has a wide variety of products at very affordable prices. You will find many clothing items there, including lehengas, dresses, shalwar kameezes, and jumpsuits. Both traditional and modern outfits inspire the designs. The fabrics used in making these outfits include satin, crepe silk, cotton, chiffon, and net. All these materials are of good quality and make your outfit look elegant.

What to look out for when buying?

Whenever you shop for Pakistani designer clothes, whether from a fashion boutique or an e-commerce website, there are a few things that you should be looking out for: First and foremost, how does it look on your body? Make sure you check size charts carefully because even two people of the same height and weight can have different body types. With that in mind, look for loose fabrics and styles that flatter your body shape. The fabric’s weight also plays a vital role while shopping. Heavier fabrics hold their shape better and last longer, so they are often more expensive than lighter ones. However, wear lightweight fabrics like chiffon or georgette if you want something more trendy.

The right fit matters

When buying women’s clothing online, pay special attention to fit. A well-fitted dress or pair of pants will always look good, whereas ill-fitting ones will only accentuate any problem areas (such as wide hips) and make you uncomfortable. It is always advisable to take measurements before ordering anything from an e-commerce site, especially if you aren’t sure about sizing.

Maria B’s sizing is European and runs small. Most of her items are labeled with a size range of US and European sizes (for example, 36/38). If you’re shopping for yourself, using your measurements rather than your usual size as a guide when ordering is best.


Another thing to consider is embellishments. Embellishments such as sequins, beads, and embroidery add extra volume to garments that may not suit all body types. If you’re petite or curvy, embellished clothing might make you appear more prominent than you are. If you prefer minimalistic designs with no embellishments, opt for plain kurtas or shalwar kameez instead of printed ones.


The price of clothing varies significantly depending on where you shop. Maria B takes pride in offering reasonably priced, high-quality pieces. Some may think their dresses are expensive, but considering how long they will last and how often you’ll wear them is well worth it.

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