Campfire Cooking Kit

You will need food, no matter if you are RV camping, cowboy camping or boondocking. A camp stove is a common choice for cooking. You can use regular kitchen pots and saucepans on a camping stove. However, if your goal is to cook over a fire pit, you will need more specific equipment. This article will help to determine which campfire cooking equipment is best for you. It is easier to cook with a certain set of tools. These items may be available at home but are difficult to find while camping. Unless you have a campfire cooking set, it will be much easier to pack for camping trips. It is less likely that you will forget something if you don’t have to remember to pack everything from your kitchen.

What equipment do you need for open fire cooking?

Some items may be provided depending on where you intend to camp. There will be a campfire pit, and possibly a portable grill, at a campground. Cast iron Dutch ovens or pots and saucepans that can be used over an open flame are essential. You may also need flame-resistant gloves, hot pads, tin foil and other fire starting materials.

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Most likely not.

Can a regular pan be used on a campfire?

Most regular kitchen pans will not withstand heat from a campfire’s flames. Plastic handles can melt quickly, too. They’ll also be filthy when they return home and will need to clean up a lot. There are tons of campfire safe options available, from large and heavy to small and light. There is a pan for every type of camping.

Which Pan is Best for a Campfire?

Cast iron is the best choice, and most people agree. Cast iron is durable, can withstand heat and can be used to cook many types of food. This recommendation is only applicable if you’re camping with a vehicle. Cast iron is not the only option when you camp with your RV or car. An old set of camping pots that my family passed down to us is stainless steel. They are lightweight and can be stored together in a compact package for easy storage.

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Lodge Cast Iron Cooking Set – Five different cooking options are possible with just two cast iron pieces. You can also lift hot pans from the fire with its removable handles. This pan set could be all you need to cook campfire meals.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet If you don’t want to cook many different kinds of food, a simple skillet might be the right choice. There are many sizes available depending on the number of people you’re cooking for. Silicone Handlecover – A silicone or a fabric cover for your handle may be an option. Cast iron can get very hot, and even the handle can burn you. Make sure you have everything you need to cook safely. Lodge, a large cast iron company, made this cover. It should fit most cast iron pans.

You don’t necessarily need this much. For heating hot items from the campfire, we keep an old pair of oven mitts.

You can also use other types of pans over an open flame or with hot coals. Plastic handles can melt if you are not careful.

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It is also important to consider how easy they can be washed. You will see a lot of soot on your pots and pans. It will be very difficult to get rid of this soot from small crevices. Consider the rims of your pot, as well as any handle attachments. In terms of cleaning-ability, the simpler is better.

Some campers don’t bother to clean the soot from their campfire pots, especially cast iron campers. The inside is cleaned with water and a scrubbie. If there’s any soap, they just put the pan in a bag to store it.

How to make your camping cooking set

It’s something I will admit, I prefer to make your own camping cooking set than buying one. You can choose and pick the best items, and only purchase the ones you will use …. For example, do you really need four different sizes of pots?

There are many options for buying a larger or full camping cooking set:

Prep & Grill Tool Kit This handy kit comes with a storage pad to organize your items. You can’t go wrong having the basics of a knife and a spatula. You can even use the integrated bottle opener to make your camping cooking easier. These tools are easy to use and come in one piece.

Full Cookset – This 19-piece set can accommodate four campers. It includes plates, bowls and utensils as well as a drying rack and a frying skillet. Everything can fit into one large pot with a vented lid to strain. The lid even has a picture that shows how to best stack the items! The bungee will hold the entire set together while you are traveling.

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Cowboy campers and backpackers / hikers

You must remember that size and weight are important for hikers and wilderness travellers.

Cast iron is great for durability, versatility, and portability, but they are heavy and bulky. You’ll need to purchase lighter and smaller cooking systems to keep your pack lightweight and portable for everyday travel. You should research your options as not all lightweight options are suitable for direct use over a campfire, although they might work well over hot coals.

(I will confess that I have seen two young men use a cast-iron pan to cook their steaks on the top of a mountain after they had hiked all the way up! They also brought a bottle Whisky, so weight was not a priority for them.

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