Complete Guide to Flaunt your Dirndl Dress with Accessories this Year

No outfit is ever complete without the right accessories. Dresses come in a variety of cuts, shapes, and fabrics. However, for you to look truly sophisticated and stylish, it is important to choose the best accessories to match your dirndl garment. 

Discreet! Eye-catching! Seductive! Just a few adjectives that define the truly exceptional accessories we have selected for you. It’s not just one accessory that can perfect an outfit, so there is an assortment of items available in your style. Blouses, ties, headpieces, pendants, belts, or gloves are just some of the ways to accessorize an outfit and make it stand out.

In this article, we have listed some of the best dirndl accessories to make your outfit look more stylish and appealing.

Dirndl Dress and Accessories – Made for Each Other!

Although accessories add the finishing touches to a fashionable outfit, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start.  The festive season can sometimes be a particularly challenging time when it comes to finding the perfect match for your outfit. However, with access to some of the most talented artists and craftsmen in the world, it has never been easier to dress up your look with a fashionable and matching accessory. 

Here are the accessories you must wear with your outfit to complete a German Dirndl dress look. 

Accessories to Pair with your Bavarian Dirndl Dress

Women have the eyes of men on them during the Oktoberfest but take time to look good yourself! Even when completely covered, you can attract attention with stylish and sexy undergarments. 

A bra that highlights your cleavage, a push-up bra, or a Dirndl bra is great for that. Show your special something with this extra. Petticoats are great not only as a decoration but also to create volume and make an outfit more exciting.

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However, there are other accessories to pair with your dirndl dress. Let us have a look at these:

Dirndl Trachten Bags

Traditional German costumes, such as the dirndl and lederhosen, are still worn today on many occasions, from weddings and festivals to discos. Accessories such as felt bags help you complete your outfit in style. Here are two types of Dirndl Bags. 

  • Leather Handbags

Handbags crafted from leather are popular with ladies. They don’t just look traditional; they are traditional! Leather handbags go particularly well with Dirndl jewelry that contains leather elements, and they round off the classic look of a German dirndl dress.

  • Felt Bags

Felt bags, made from the wool of domestic sheep, are just as elegant as leather ones. The material is especially popular with teenagers and young Dirndl wearers, who like its lightweight and low price tag. Even people who consciously live without animal products can use felt bags as an alternative to leather ones. 

Dirndl Scarves 

Trachten scarves are a traditional part of the German costume and look great with dirndls. Since the beginning, Dirndls are used for special occasions such as an Oktoberfest party, but also for daily life, thus becoming a popular fashion item in Germany. 

However, the scarves patterns that are most common for Oktoberfest scarves include:

  • flowers and blossoms
  • oak leaves
  • animal motifs like deer or butterflies
  • hearts
  • sweets, e.g., gingerbread hearts

The Dirndl coat and scarf set the right accent with the right top underneath. You can also use stylish accessories like earrings and bracelets to round off your Dirndl look.

Oktoberfest Jewelry 

All those pretty people wearing Dirndls and the men in their best lederhosen are having a great time together, but there is a darker side to Oktoberfest. During the 19th and 20th centuries, jewelry on Dirndl or the Lederhosen for men was a status symbol. Silver chains, huge pocket watches, and above all, the Charivari; a jangling set of ornaments worn around the neck all demonstrated to others what wealth one could afford.

For a long time, the pendant of a jewel chain was the most common attachment. Today, its more common variant is the coin. Many Dirndl charms are run off in large quantities by small and Artesanal manufacturers. That makes your purchase very cost-effective.

Hair Accessories 

Whether you call it a rose crown, a rose hairband, or a hair band, this petal-like head-decoration is an attractive alternative to the usual hairstyles. And if you try a floral hairband for Dirndl or Bridal Hairstyles for your next special occasion, you’ll see why this accessory is an absolute must-have. 

A fresh flower crown is a great gift for both women and girls. It can be easily put on and doesn’t need any adjustments. You just need to choose flowers that can hold your hair well, and you’re good to go!

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