The Top US Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The regulation of cryptocurrencies has gone through an important change since the introduction in 2009 of the Bitcoin blockchain. The year 2010 saw the now defunct which was which was the very first exchange for cryptocurrency as well as the now-famous Mt. Gox trading platform were launched.

From a totally non-regulated “wild west” that allowed anyone to trade in cryptocurrency without disclosing their identity the cryptocurrency trading industry has transformed into a controlled financial industry that is that is governed through KYC as well as AML standards that govern the majority of the major exchanges.

While increased regulation has allowed cryptocurrency exchanges to offer higher level of safety and reliability however, strict regulations have led to a trading system that is in disarray and exchange availability is separated by country and region. A variety of factors, including reliability and security, as well as the history of transactions fees, as well as cryptocurrency support, need to be taken into consideration when selecting from the multitude of cryptocurrency exchanges currently online.

Read our article about our post on Best Crypto Exchanges if you’re seeking an overview of the top cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. The best cryptocurrency exchanges for American traders differ a bit in that case, so if you’re in the US, you should read on.

Why Are There So Few Crypto Exchanges In The United States?

It’s all about the regulation of cryptocurrencies. The issue is in the spotlight in the present, as countries all across the globe attempt to figure out ways to manage the illicit cryptocurrency market. It is already the case that there are a variety of laws in force within the United States, and more will likely soon to become available. Many cryptocurrency exchanges aren’t able to function inside the United States due to the current regulations which are applicable at both the federal and state levels. Exchanges need to obtain authorization for money transfers and also register as money service companies (MSBs).

Some exchanges from outside have decided that the cost and administrative burden is not worth the cost. Some provide services that are not in accordance with of American laws. These are the most significant obstacles for bitcoin exchanges in the United States.

1. Know Your Customer (KYC) Requirements

Because they are not public Authorities are concerned about the security of them. Their potential use in financing criminal activities or to transfer money from illegal activities is a cause for concern. Therefore, in the process of opening an account American crypto investors have to provide their personal information and often provide a photo identification. The issue is that the first idea behind cryptocurrency was privacy and security. In addition, the long Know Your Customer (KYC) processes frustrate both the exchange and the customers. For instance, exchanges may not be interested in manually verifying the identity of the person who is photographed and proofread their address.

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2. Derivatives Trading

Utilizing complex financial contracts, also known as derivatives, traders are able to bet in the near future price of a product. There are two options for traders of either short (bet on the price of the currency declining) as well as long ( place bets on the price increasing ). While cryptocurrency derivatives are growing worldwide, American individual investors cannot have access to these instruments.

The derivatives market is accessible through reputable cryptocurrency exchanges including gross profit and leverage. Leverage is a technique that investors can utilize to increase their buying capability. In the example above when you invest $100 and utilized 5x leverage, you could be able to open a position of $500. There are some limitations to this type of transaction since you’re taking on a greater risk. Exchanges that permit regular investors to trade derivatives aren’t permitted to be used in the United States.

Prior to June 23rd, Kraken only allowed U.S. customers to trade limited gross profits. But from the date of June 23 all who meet the criteria can use this service. (Modify investors must hold assets of more than 10 million dollars.) In addition, CoinBase Pro has turned off margin trading.

The IRS and the Justice Department are looking into Binance that has an international website as well as a U.S.-specific website due to the fact that they believe U.S. consumers are using the website that is not affiliated with Binance for trading of these kinds.

3. Taxes and Additional Reporting

Businesses offering services for money must keep detailed documents and inform to the IRS about any transactions in cash that exceed $10,000. The entire process of bodily processing for clients that are U.S.-based transactions with international clients must be monitored. Tax evasion by crypto is at the attention of U.S. officials, who believe that billions of dollars worth of transactions go unnoticed. The IRS has previously taken similar actions against Coinbase and was granted an order from a judge earlier in the year to request the documents of Kraken. Exchanges are required to provide details on American taxpayers who have completed cryptocurrency transactions that exceed $20,000. The administration would like cryptocurrency transactions to be regarded as cash in the near future. Any cryptocurrency transaction that is worth more than $10,000 will need to be disclosed if these suggestions are accepted .

4. State-Specific Rules

States have dealt with the issue of regulation of cryptocurrency quite differently from each other. This is why there are a few states that within the United States have sealed cryptocurrency exchanges in operation. Certain states, including Wyoming, Colorado, and Ohio have passed laws favorable to cryptocurrencies to draw more attention to cryptocurrency. Some states have strict requirements for encryption for example, New York and Washington. The direction of crypto-related legislation was established in New York. BitLicense is the name given to it. BitLicense regulates the currencies exchanges can trade as the way they manage the money. Many people believe that stricter federal rules will be based on that of the New York model.

Can Unlicensed Exchanges Still Run In The United States?

In the fact that it is a global industry and technology allows it to connect with services from across the globe is among the many challenges in regulating the market. This is why certain clients from the United States use services that do not have MSB-licenses. It is important to note that the United States is actively combating this type of natural process and is likely to increase enforcement in the near future. BitMEX, a crypto exchange BitMEX is not licensed by the United States, was penalize by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) at the close of last year for allowing American users upgrade to BitMEX.

Although it could be appealing to violate the law and utilize services that are not accredited from authorities in the United States, doing so can be risky. Authorities are actively investigating instances of tax evasion using cryptocurrency Exchanges can block access to accounts of customers and the customers will not have the same security. Investors who invest in cryptocurrency must understand that regulations are a given. Regulators will not simply overlook the growth of the industry regardless of whether their actions are contrary to the principles on which Bitcoin was based. In addition, a thorough regulatory system can be a good thing. It will protect us from cheating players as well as prevent us from accidentally encouraging a shady behaviors.


I hope this guide will assist you find the top Crypto Exchanges for US Traders. If you are considering investing your money, especially if you’re just beginning to learn about cryptocurrency it is important to think about some considerations. Cryptocurrency Exchanges come with a variety of modes of operation, security levels in addition to user interfaces. There’s a different way to benefit from this chance, and that is by acquiring the development services for cryptocurrency exchanges from an experienced cryptocurrency exchange development business according to your company’s needs to create an entirely brand new source of revenue.

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