Custom Gifts to Consider for Your Employees

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Employees are an integral part of your business, and appreciating them shows you care. Before you gift your employees, you should know their personality traits to avoid getting them something they wouldn’t want. It is also important to stick to a budget when getting them gifts to avoid wrecking your company’s finances. After all, it is the thought that counts. If you are wondering what to gift your employees, these custom gifts and ideas might help you.

Give Them Gift Cards

If you are not certain what your employees may want, gift cards come in handy as employees can get what they would want for themselves. They can use the gift cards to purchase what they need at their favorite stores, restaurants, or coffee shops. The good thing with gift cards is that you can manage the amount of money you want them to use and stick to a budget.

Drinkware Custom Gifts

Drinkware items you can gift your employee include water bottles, vacuum bottles, stainless steel bottles, and tumblers. A water bottle comes in handy as your employee will always have water when going to the gym or work. You can gift a vacuum bottle to an employee who likes taking hot drinks. For the environmentally conscious employees, you can gift them stainless steel bottles as they are eco-friendly. And lastly, for employees who like coffee or tea, tumblers can be the best option. Ensure that you choose a style and design that best suits their personalities. While at it, the bottles should not have to be plain and boring, but you can customize their coozies with statements meant to encourage, recognize or commend them.

Customized Pens

Pens might feel like simple and basic gifts, but they come in handy when doing office tasks. Also, if you do not want to go overboard with your budget, pens are the ideal gifts as they are not costly. There are different types of pens you can get your employees, like ballpoint pens, gel pens which have many different colors, and fountain pens which are considered more luxurious. Instead of getting one type of pen, you can choose to mix different types and brand them with messages that reflect your employees’ personalities.

Self-care Items

Getting your employees some self-care items will make them feel valued and appreciated. Some self-care items you can gift your employees include candles that elevate one’s mood and help in relaxation. You can also give them exercise equipment like workout sneakers, exercise mats, resistance bands, and jump ropes to keep them fit and healthy. And skincare items like soaps, essential oils, sprays, and face masks. Ensure you gift them the self-care items they will love and use.


Buy headsets for employees who need them, like those working from home, those in the IT department who need to focus without disruptions or the receptionists who always take calls. There are different types of headsets you can gift your employees, like noise-canceling headphones, earbuds, and over-ear headphones.

Office Plants

Plants provide a fresh atmosphere, increase productivity and improve the mood of workers in the office. As not every worker may be passionate about plants, it is important that you gift only those who love them. Also, ensure that the plants do not require much attention and care as they may disrupt your employees’ office duties. While at it, before gifting plants, make sure to inquire whether there are employees who are allergic to any plants. This is one of many great custom gifts ideas.

Custom Gifts: Calendars, Planners, and Notepads

Some employees may prefer calendars, planners, and notepads to help them be more effective in their duties. Calendars are useful as they remind employees of important days for meetings or particular events, and planners can help employees plan their time for each task allocated. Notepads can help employees write appointments and other useful information that can help increase their productivity. Such materials are not costly, but they are well-thought-out, especially for employees who like to stay organized without relying on digital gadgets.

Conclusion for Custom Gifts to Consider for Your Employees

Appreciated employees are more likely to perform better as they feel that their efforts are recognized. Additionally, your employees will be more motivated and dedicated to their work because they feel more valued. The above list can help you know what to gift your employees.

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