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Effortless Ways to Ease Your Customers with Eco Friendly Packaging

Online sales have been going up for years and don’t seem likely to stop. It’s because it’s convenient for customers and businesses as they can generate more profit. People mostly care about the environment and want to protect it. So, the use of eco-friendly packaging can help a company stand out. Your company should not only make sure that the packaging for its products is safe for our surroundings, but it should also tell people about this. Your business can look like it cares about the environment without any extra work or money by using some simple packaging solutions and effortless ways.

Eco-Friendly packaging to explain your Sustainability Goals 

Make sure the design of your eco-packaging reflects your claims that it is environmentally friendly before making them. If possible, you can add labels to the packaging. These labels can have information like these eco-friendly boxes are recyclable and good for the environment. However, you must ensure that the labels and their related messaging reflect the ideals of your company. The buyer will gain a firm grab of your business’s ideology. It will motivate him to adopt a more eco-friendly approach to buying in the future. In addition, you can include a QR code on the eco-friendly packaging as well. If your website has more information about your sustainable efforts, apply this marketing approach to your packaging.

Share Disposal and Recycle Directions

As a sustainable company, failing to provide customers with information on proper waste disposal is a major mistake. Now he can toss it in the garbage without giving any care to reusing, recycling, or composting. To avoid overfilled landfills and make the customer feel like he’s making a difference, you can email him these instructions. Green packaging can also serve as a marketing tool by including printed instructions. Make sure your customers know how they can properly dispose of and recycle your packaging. Because recycling policies vary from location to location, this process step may be a little complex. However, by clearly marking reused or recyclable packaging, you can share broad best practices.

In this case, a brand of cleaning product does a superb job. The brand’s bottles do feature not only a symbol for recycling but also the line: At least 30% of the plastic used to make the bottles is recycled material. PLEASE RECYCLE. Similarly, you can use the surface of your green boxes for printing these details. 

Try To Send In Smaller Boxes 

Cutting down on green boxes is also a simple way to lessen your carbon footprint. This requires packaging products in smaller bags and boxes. Your customers will also feel happy to know about lower shipping costs. You can achieve this by getting smaller packing supplies and utilising fewer filler materials to reduce the size of your packages. If possible, try resizing and repositioning your products to fit smaller boxes. For example, if you sell disassembled furniture, try alternative methods to position the pieces to save space. Do you ship foldable goods like clothes or bedding? You can save space by keeping them folded or packaged so you can store them in smaller packaging. 

Use Recycled Materials for Eco-Friendly Packaging 

Eco-friendly packaging materials like cardboard are recycled to use multiple times. It’s simple to recycle cardboard because it’s the most eco-friendly material on the planet. A re-pulper can simply receive the collected material, compact it, and use it to create new packaging. It’s perfect for packaging because it’s light, cheap and simple to shape into boxes. However, take some precautions before recycling. For example, there should be no grease stains, aluminium foil, or wax on it. Also, please don’t put wet boxes in the recycling. 

Recycled cardboard boxes UK may ignite words like “boring” and “plain looking” in customers’ minds. This, however, is not the case. There is a great range of possibilities for drawing attention to your business. You can cover one or all sides of the box in brand colours and slogans or stamp your logo on one side. Hence, personalising plain eco-friendly packages is an affordable way to facilitate your customers.

Use of Eco-Friendly Inserts For Product Security 

We can surely agree that it’s time to get rid of Styrofoam peanuts. Anyone with even a little concern for the environment can see that they aren’t a smart idea. Especially when there are many other options exist that can protect your goods just as well, if not better. You can buy the compostable kind of peanuts for eco-friendly boxes if you really need one. Customers and the environment alike will appreciate how simple they are to discard. 

For example, you can ship eco-friendly gift boxes by using peanuts made of starch. The peanuts will protect the precious items safe during handling and transit. The receiver does not have to worry about discarding them too. They are very simple to get rid of because they dissolve in water. Geami paper, disposable burlap bags, tissue paper, and shredded colourful recyclable paper are some other options for environmentally friendly void fill. For example, Gaemi paper is a good, 100% recyclable alternative to bubble wrap. Sustainable packaging with such kinds of inserts can keep your products safe in transit.

Create an Online Page for Your Eco-Friendly Efforts 

You can create a page to show your social and ecological footprint. It helps to prove that you take sustainability seriously. You may include details like how you’re bringing a change in the industry with eco packaging. You can also explain why it’s essential to be selective about the places we shop. So, create a separate page where clients may learn about your environmental efforts. You can use this webpage as part of your product marketing strategy too. This not only sells the product but also serves as a learning tool for potential buyers. 


Packaging is a powerful tool for attracting and retaining customers. The image that your brand makes on clients begins and ends with the packaging you choose. People are more likely to buy your products in future if they can reuse, recycle, or compost the packaging. So, you need to find creative means of informing consumers about your eco-friendly packaging options. The use of labels about recycling, eco-friendly inserts and more bring convenience to your customers.

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