Must-Have Features of a Fleet Management App You Must Know

Must-Have Features of a Fleet Management App You Must Know

A number of businesses are dependent upon transportation services to connect with their customers and clients. With these services, it becomes difficult for businesses to deliver their products and services to customers. But it is also important for these businesses to maintain and manage the fleet they use for these connectivities. Having a mobile app installed in the vehicles will help such businesses deal with several issues.

The mobile apps used for fleet management will not only ensure that the businesses are keeping track of the delivery staff but also make sure the customers are getting timely services. There are more functionalities you can enjoy with these applications, and for that, you must include certain features. These features are intended to automate a lot of operations and tasks related to the product or service delivery. Besides this automation, these applications provide several benefits, helping businesses to ensure their staff is productive and efficient.

Dig deeper into this article to familiarize yourself with the essential features of a fleet management app.

Top 6 Features of a Fleet Management App You Must Know

Fleet management apps have become the most important tools for businesses that use transportation services to do most of their business. These applications embed features that help businesses ensure quality and timely customer service besides providing ease for their staff. These applications will not only automate the overall business services or the product delivery process but keeping an eye on the process will also become easier.

Following are a few features that are a must to have in your fleet management app for improved results and performance.

1) GPS fleet tracking

Any type of mobile app that includes the use of transport must have the GPS tracking feature installed in the application. With the Gps tracking feature, the delivery staff can track the actual location of the driver and compare it to the reported delivery location. With such features, businesses can confirm whether their service reached their customers on time or not. Businesses that want to keep track of their services/processes hire mobile app development Dubai services and automate their business with reliable mobile applications.

2) Proof of delivery

Tracking the product or service delivery has become easier with these mobile apps, but they are also beneficial in several other ways. There are a lot of clashes between the business, the delivery person, and the customer regarding whether the product was delivered or not. With these applications, getting real-time data becomes easier, and businesses can find proof of delivery. This way, the overall paperwork is reduced, and they get notified as soon as the product reaches their customers.

3) Turn-by-turn navigation

With this feature installed in your fleet management app, the delivery person or the driver will enjoy their work and may find their job easier. This feature will help the driver to navigate to the actual location without getting lost and wasting time. Moreover, these features will help the driver find the shortest possible route to reach the location.

4) Electronic logging device

One of the features that are a must to include in your mobile app is the electronic logging device. It will help you track the driver’s behavior; whether the driver is moving or is staying idle can all be tracked with this feature. Moreover, getting knowledge about harsh driving alerts will help assess the driver. With such assessments, one can predict future behaviors and mend those behaviors to improve the driver’s safety and the delivery of quality services.

5) Automatic Real-Time Delivery Status

With this feature in the mobile application, the driver will be able to get real-time information about the customers. They will get more precise information about their location and availability. Besides this information about the customers, the drivers can also get real-time information about high-traffic routes. This way, the product delivery process is catalyzed, and the customers are always satisfied with the service.

6) Equipment incident reporting

With the features like incident reporting, businesses can track the possible risks to their fleet and the delivery process. With this real-time reporting, the delivery staff can stay in touch with the driver and guide or report any incident that is most likely to happen. This way, the delivery process is not disturbed, and the risks to your products and equipment are also minimized. You can hire services to develop mobile apps with such features and ensure the safety of your business processes.

Are you ready to develop a mobile app?

If you want your business to be more productive, secure, and automated, then you must go for a mobile app. These mobile applications are a great source to increase your revenue by improving customer service and making the job easier for the staff. So, make sure to hire app developers to develop a reliable mobile application for your business.

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