Touchless car washing: What does it mean and how do I get it done?

The average car will look flat on a sunny morning. Every panel has small scratches and swirls. It can make even the most striking color look dull. It might surprise you to find out that most small scratches caused by washing the car were not intentional.

You might be asking yourself why there’s such a big market for grit guards, drying towels, and shampoos that are all made to minimize small scratches on a car’s paintwork. If you use a washcloth to clean a car, there’s always the chance of tiny pieces of grit getting between them and leaving a mark in the clear coat. You don’t have to worry about it, but if you do get too many, you’ll have to polish the car.

A touchless wash is one way to protect your car from scratches.

What is a touchless wash for cars?

As the name suggests you shouldn’t touch the car in the wash process. Instead, you will use a pressure washer or foam lance to spray the car with chemicals. Let the professionals do the washing. Because you are using pressure water, the most aggressive force you can apply to your car will be enough to eliminate any scratches.

How can a touchless car washed be done by me?

Before beginning a touchless car wash, check the car’s condition. A touchless wash won’t work for cars that are very dirty. The baked-in contaminants in the car will require some mechanical scrubbing. Chemical cleaning alone can’t get them out. If your car is lightly grubby, or better yet covered with a good sealant, then a touchless washing will be perfectly possible.

You will also need to ensure that the car isn’t in direct sunlight and that the panels remain cool. The reason is that cleaning products can take longer to dry so you have to protect the paint.

Step one: Rinse

Only use water to wash the car. Your goal is to remove any remaining mud or grime. However, most domestic pressure washers won’t cause any damage to the car’s paintwork.

Nilfisk Core 140 Bar High-Pressure Washer

The best pressure washing machine for a touchless, clean wash

Bilt Hamber Auto-Foam

Auto-Foam by Bilt Hamber is a great snow foam. It’s easy to use, cleans well, is biodegradable and has a great cleaning performance. Although it may not have the densest foam, it is easy to wash and takes all dirt and debris with it.

Step three – Washing

This is the first major difference between a regular or Quick Quack Car Wash. Instead of filling buckets, use a foam sprayer to apply shampoo. Leave the shampoo on for a few minutes, then rinse off with water. There is no need for a detailing brush. Shampoos are strong enough that the car can be properly cleaned while you’re watching.

NanotechSST Nano Wash Auto

Nano Wash Auto shampoo is a hidden gem in car care. It can be used via a foam lancé. It is very lubricating yet not at all soapy. It rinses easily and leaves behind a deep glossiness.

Step 4: Protecting

You can add protection with a pressure washer to your car. This is an optional but worthwhile step. Although they won’t last very long, these sealants can be applied quickly and will make a huge difference. Follow the instructions on each bottle. Be sure to rinse out any excess product.

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