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What are binary options and how can I start trading them?

Trading in binary options (BO) has a lot of advantages. You will have the opportunity to receive up to 85% of your initial investment as soon as you make your first trade. This trading style’s high-security/low-risk level in comparison to other options is another crucial characteristic. Because binary options provide you the ability to view the number of your predicted gains or losses immediately, the risk level of a specific financial transaction may be simply determined in advance. Additionally, when employing these instruments, the trader can select the time frame for the execution of a certain option, making it feasible to conduct short-term trading. Everybody can succeed with binary options, and there are many success stories in this area.

Try to carry out your trading operations with minimal financial investments or on a demo account if you are unsure that you will do everything correctly the first time or if you don’t want to risk your money before you are ready. Because binary options allow you to invest as little as $1, you can independently decide the size of your account. You will be able to close deals with higher financial volumes as you gain experience.

How do binary options work?

Binary options are a straightforward and effective way to earn from the financial markets. The main benefits of using these tools are their ease of use and the potential for high, and most crucially, known-in advance, gains from your transactions. All you need to do is figure out how to accurately predict how the price of a particular asset (currencies, commodities, or equities) will move at a given point in time.

Binary options, however, may have a few minor drawbacks, much like many trading strategies. For instance, you won’t make money if you don’t accurately predict how the assets’ exchange rates will move.

Binary options copy trading is an option for novice traders. You can make your first profit and learn from seasoned traders by using this program.

Types of binary options

Numerous brokers provide a wide range of trading instruments, updating and creating new ones as needed. The most popular and often-used trading tools will be listed in this section.

• Binary high/low option

It is crucial to accurately predict whether the price will increase or drop within the given time frame when utilizing this instrument. Simply choosing one of the activities is all that is required. You will receive your profit if, at the end of the option’s execution, the price is higher than it was initially. One of the most widely used variations is this one.

• Touch binary option

When using this instrument, you must decide what level the price will touch during an increase or decline (i.e., reach or not reach). After the price reaches the predetermined mark, regardless of which way it moves, you get paid. Another possibility is when the price falls short of the predetermined threshold. In contrast to the prior variant, where you received your profit after the first touch, the current variant requires you to wait until the transaction has been executed completely. Your profit will still be there if the price doesn’t reach the predetermined level during this time.

• Range Binary Option

The price must stay inside the trader-specified range while using this instrument. The trader must define the price range in which, in his opinion, the price will move throughout the given period of time in order to make the execution of the range profitable. When the price stays inside the predetermined parameters, the trader makes money.

• Spread for binary options

When using this tool, it’s not just a matter of predicting whether the price will be above or below the current level. Additionally, you must specify its precise value. You may predict, for instance, that within the following 30 minutes, the price will fall by 10 points. This option type has a higher level of risk because forecasting such exact data can be far more difficult than simply stating whether the price will increase or decrease. However, due of the greater risk involved in such transactions, several brokerage firms will offer you a higher percentage if you deal with them frequently.

A step-by-step manual for trading binary options

Follow the straightforward directions below to begin earning money with binary options. With the help of this step-by-step tutorial, you will be able to enter the binary options market with ease and receive additional compensation from the Traders Union in the form of a rebate of a portion of the spread for each transaction that is successfully completed. Take these actions:

Join the Traders Union online.

You can receive additional compensation in the form of a rebate for each binary market transaction by joining the Traders Union and opening an account with a certain binary broker.

From the Traders Union Binary Rating, select a broker.

This rating only features trustworthy binary options brokers, and Traders Union professionals routinely verify them. The more highly rated a broker is, the more well-liked it is by customers. Pick one of the Top 5 binary options brokers that best fits your objectives by looking at their confidence rating.

On the broker’s website, register for a real trading account.

Utilize the Traders Union website’s referral link to access the broker’s website. Open a legitimate trading account on the broker’s website, then enter the account number in the “Accounts” area of your individual Traders Union account.

Fund a brokerage account to begin trading.

You can begin trading binary options and working on the binary market once your account has been approved by the Traders Union specialists.

No matter how well your trades perform, the Traders Union will provide you a bonus payment because the rebate will be applied to both lucrative and unsuccessful trades.

Top 3 brokers for binary options

Next, pick the broker that best suits your needs. The selection of a partner may be influenced by a variety of elements important for setting up secure and pleasant surroundings and carrying out profitable trading ventures. You can choose from one of our Top 3 BO brokers in order to get the partner who is the best fit for you.

Pocket Choice

The Gembell Limited holding, which was established by a group of specialists with extensive experience in trading and investing activities, includes the Pocket Option broker. The business caters to the needs of the mass market and offers top-notch services for binary options trading in the OTC market access. The broker makes an effort to make trading as easy, transparent, and convenient as possible. To ensure steady trading for traders and investors, Pocket Option has created a distinctive trading platform.

The trading requirements for Pocket Option are standard for the binary options market. With the intrinsic qualities of working with options in mind, a web interface was created so that you could trade currency pairings, equities, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. All accounts require a $5 minimum initial deposit; however, future balances should range from $100 to $50,000. (depending on the profile). $1 is the minimal bit size.

Option IQ

In 2013, IQ Option began doing brokerage business. The organization offers financial services in the US and Europe, and its customers can trade assets on the stock market, the forex market, and the binary market. Global Banking & Finance Review has continuously recognized IQ Option as the “Best Binary Options Broker in Europe.” The IQ Option trading app was named the best in this financial category during the Communicator Awards in 2017.

Some of the best trading conditions are offered by IQ Option in the binary options industry. The company’s customers can trade CFDs, shares, and the binary market simultaneously using a browser-based broker’s proprietary trading interface.

IQ Option offers one type of account for trading binary options, allowing users to trade both traditional “Higher/Lower” options with a yield of up to 89-90% and digital trade options with a payout of up to 900%. Depending on the trading instrument utilized, the brokerage cost for transactions on this type of account ranges from $1 to $19. The minimum wager is $1.

Never put money into investments that you can’t afford to lose.


One of the most well-known binary options providers is the Binomo firm. Binomo has been a member of the International Financial Commission’s “A” category since 2018. (FINACOM). This demonstrates the broker’s high level of dependability and adherence to global financial standards. Binomo received numerous honors in 2015 and 2016, including the IAIR’s “Broker of the Year” Award and the Forex Expo Awards’ “Best Broker for Novice Traders” title.

High-quality customer service and advantageous trading conditions are offered by the Binomo broker while using binary options. You can test your trading methods and the broker’s trading platform using the company’s demo account. The $300 minimum deposit and $2 brokerage commission are required to participate in the real estate market.

Three different trading account categories, including Standard, Gold, and VIP, are available to Binomo’s customers. They differ in terms of the minimum deposit size, the variety of trading options, and the possibility of having the invested money returned.

The list of brokers doesn’t stop here, of however, as there are many other alternatives for BO trading on the financial market. The details of the top three BO companies have been given to you. Visit our Binary Brokers Ratings to get the complete list of binary brokers.

Best tactics for binary options

Without utilizing a thoughtful approach, it is essentially impossible to generate a sizable profit while trading binary options. Any trader is free to select the brokerage firm and trading method that best suits his objectives. Both manual trading and binary options auto-trading software are options.

Some users of these instruments only use “trendy” techniques, while others engage in long-term or short-term trading, and still others seek to maximize their gains by employing all means required. There are many different BO trading methods available today, making it nearly difficult to mention them all here. Additionally, keep in mind that various political and economic issues frequently influence the financial market, which is always changing. Finding the best trading technique that would operate consistently and without a hitch in such circumstances is therefore not always simple. Let’s look at the best approaches for beginners:

Three-in-a-row technique

The three most common trade indicators are the foundation of this strategy:

Changing Average (moving the average price on a chart to help identify the trading trend and the best time to close a position);

Stochastic (helps determine how much the price has changed from earlier values);

The relative strength index (RSI) identifies the best times to make chart modifications and gauges the strength of a trend.

Trading professionals can accurately assess the market condition and place a thoughtful bid when using all three instruments simultaneously. All too frequently, every indicator (independent of other indicators) may provide an erroneous signal. However, when these indicators are used simultaneously, they can filter out one another’s data, allowing traders to properly analyze the state of the market and benefit from this BO trading technique.

Utilizing the “reverse” method when trading binary options

The basic goal of the approach is to identify on a chart when a price enters a trend and to predict the next best opportunity for you to place a bid and make a profit. Under this method, a chart should be examined using the Bollinger Bands, MACD, and MA indicators. When employing this tactic, it’s crucial to place your offers throughout the time period that exhibits a constant upward trend.

Using the “spring” binary options trading approach

This reversal tactic involves competing with the primary trend. This may not always be simple, so it is advised that you utilize three different indicator types while using this trading strategy: the CCI (market prices analysis indicator), the Bollinger Bands (channel indicator), and the Stochastic (as mentioned before, it serves to determine the price deviations at the given moment from its previous values). You can use any time range you choose with this method, including 5-minute intervals and more.

Utilizing the “Martingale” technique when trading binary options

One of the most well-liked BO trading methods is this one. Its framework is based on probability theory. During the trading process, the price can only go in one of just two directions: up or down, with a 50% chance in either case. A trader stakes a particular sum on the chosen option, and if he wins, repeats the process. In the instance of a successful deal, he doubles the amount to make up for his losses from the unsuccessful transaction. Experienced traders point out that even with repeated losses, this BO trading method still performs admirably because a string of numerous unfavorable transactions in the BO market is uncommon, and eventually, your gains will outweigh your losses. For seasoned traders who are able to comprehend and assess the market’s conditions and who already have a certain amount of money in their accounts, this method works wonders.

Using the “New Martingale” approach for trading binary options

The well-known trader and teacher Mr. Nikolay Kokar is credited with creating and using the “New Martingale” method. The “New Martingale” approach has several new improvements over its predecessor, the “Martingale” method. The key premise behind the “New Martingale” method is that you should only enter the market when it is ready to succeed. When trading, you should abide by the following two rules: When the price on the chart starts to decline sharply, that is the ideal time to enter the market, thus it is essential to be able to study 30-minute charts in order to (a) accurately and exactly identify the trend and (b) identify when that is the case.

Guide to Day Trading Binary Options for Novices

Bonuses for binary options for novices

Brokers frequently give new customers a variety of perks. Along with the trader’s primary funds, this additional capital may be used during the trading process, but only under specific conditions imposed by the broker are users permitted to remove it from their accounts. These benefits come in a variety of forms:

Bonuses for binary options upon registration

At registration, this kind of bonus is given as a deposit sum. It is frequently assessed after the first deposit is made. It can be 100% of the trader’s personal deposit. The highest amount is constrained and the percentage varies from trader to trader. The trader must execute the required number of transactions (given by the broker) utilizing the bonus amount in order to withdraw the bonus funds. Always review the terms and conditions of the broker.

Bonuses for binary options on further deposits

These are extra trading funds that a broker offers traders based on the amount they have invested. The amount of these bonuses is a little less than the one upon registration, but they nevertheless have a good impact by providing more free funds for trading.

Bonuses for risk-free options

This bonus’s premise is as follows. The trader’s initial transactions are covered by a broker. If a trader loses money when carrying out his initial trades, the broker can replenish the lost money to make up for the losses. With such a bonus, the trader can avoid taking any risks during the trading process. If he incurs a loss, the broker will make up that loss (reimburse him), but if he is profitable, he keeps all of his profits.

Binary options without investment or no-deposit bonuses

These incentives don’t require an initial investment from the trader because the broker deposits them to their account when they register. These bonuses typically have harsher withdrawal restrictions, but they provide new users a chance to test out the platform’s functionality and give them a secure environment in which to learn how to trade. Many times, these bonuses are automatically awarded, but occasionally, a specific application may be necessary.

Cash-back incentives

The simplest bonus is this one. The fundamental notion is that the broker will cover a portion of the trader’s losses, typically between 15% and 20%. Only when the trader is losing money should they employ this perk. However, if trading results in a profit, there is no requirement to return a bonus.

Referral rewards

For each referee who signs up with the brokerage, referral bonuses are deposited into the trader’s account. Additionally, a particular percentage is added to a trader’s account for each deposit made by a customer of another broker who signed up for a platform using the trader’s referral link.

Using binary options on a free practice account

An account that makes use of fictitious money is a demo account. A demo account can be used by traders to assess the capabilities and limitations of a broker’s trading platform. In addition, both experienced users and newbies routinely test fresh BO trading techniques on demo-accounts to hone their skills. It is crucial that the broker has this account type available on its platform so that its clients can utilize it for nothing.

Demo accounts are very simple to use and have the added bonus of protecting your real money. So you can learn a lot without taking any financial risks by using a demo account of a real one. When it’s time to start trading on the real market, you’ll be knowledgeable about all the tools and tactics, and your trading will be lot simpler thanks to your recent experience!

Traders Union suggests that new traders test out binary options trading utilizing the flowing brokers’ sample accounts:

When trading CFDs with this supplier, 62% of retail investor accounts experience a loss of capital.

Never put money into investments that you can’t afford to lose.

Binary option trading risks

With the help of the well-liked trading method of binary options, you can generate a fixed profit of up to 80%. But keep in mind that there is always a chance you could lose the money you put in every trade.

Let’s explore the most prevalent of these, which are: The chances of losing money when trading binary options rely on a variety of circumstances.

The most common errors made by new traders are a lack of a trading strategy and trading too confidently. Be mindful to exercise caution and to carefully research the market. Avoid trading options with “one-touch” systems, where the yield can range from 200 to 400 percent. You run the risk of losing your assets as a result. Choose a more conservative option type instead, such as the traditional “up/down” option.

Incorrect prediction of the evolution of the option price. Never rely on trading signals or sources that are not confirmed. They can end up being unsuccessful.

Ignoring the guidelines for managing money. Use no more than 5 to 10% of your money to open a deal. I reiterate Use the principles for managing your money and don’t spend more than 5–10% of your deposit.

We looked at the direct trading dangers associated with using binary options above, but don’t forget that the dependability of the broker also plays a role in how well a trade will turn out. Select reputable brokers from the Traders Union Binary Options Rating to avoid falling into con artists, bucket shops, or fleeting achievements.

Binary options: Professional advice

You can have several inquiries when working with binary options and want to gain insight from any industry professional who has experience with binary options. One of the top experts in this field is Antony Robertson, a seasoned financial analyst and trader with Traders Union.

He believes that trading binary options is one of the most lucrative activities on the Forex market, but you must be disciplined and use the right strategy. When trading binary options, Antony Robertson advises sticking to your trading plan and avoiding luck or chance. He emphasizes that even though using binary options is relatively simple, forecasting and analysis are still necessary when using these trading tools. Remember that a trader who approaches his work carelessly could lose all of the high levels of profitability that successful BO trading can bring about.

Also, a binary broker’s choices should receive extra attention. The greater the company’s track record and dependability, the greater your possibilities of trading binary options with a stable income. Consider a broker’s trading conditions, regulation, market experience, and client testimonials regarding their interactions with the broker while making your decision.

All of this information is provided in each binary broker’s profile from the Traders Union Rating, where the company’s strong ranking in the ratings table attests to its dependability.

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