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Wholesale Activewear Subscription Boxes with Boundless Customized Solutions:

The appealing presentation of activewear can help get the target audience’s attention. We at ICustomBoxes offer endless custom options to make your activewear packaging aesthetically appealing and attractive. Our packaging experts are competent to craft boxes in any style and size according to your requirements. Furthermore, we use high-quality material, innovative printing methods, and additional features to produce a high-standard men’s activewear subscription box.

Order now and experience our outstanding services and let your apparel brand uplift.

Wholesale Activewear Boxes in Diverse Styles:

Activewear is the most wearable item for each group of people, adults, young, and kids. Activewear comes in different ranges and sizes and needs personalized packaging. We customize your wholesale activewear boxes in each size and style. These are some box styles for activewear packaging:

  1. two-piece activewear box
  2. sleeve and tray box
  3. tuck front box

Activewear Boxes in Enticing Printing Designs:

You can get your custom activewear boxes with dazzling prints at ICustomBoxes.

Our company is equipped with modern printing machines and printing experts. They print your custom boxes with the latest printing designs. Our printing methods involve:

  • offset printing technique
  • digital printing technique 
  • two color model 

Offset and digital are different printing techniques. But both of these methods give a valuable output. You can choose any color printing method that suits your taste and product’s needs.

Create Vibrant Color Activewear Packaging with CMYK and PMS:

We print your custom activewear packaging with two color models, CMYK and PMS. These color models create bewitching prints.


CMYK includes (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) four-color prints. Due to its limited color combinations, it is not as costly as PMS. this color model produces reliable and enchanting prints at reasonable prices.


Besides CMYK, PMS (Pantone Matching System) is employed in color printing. PMS offers numerous color shades. It is high in budget.

Go Green with Kraft Men’s Activewear Subscription Boxes:

Kraft is 100% eco-friendly and safe for the environment. Due to their biodegradable nature, Kraft activewear boxes have become an optimal choice for manufacturers and brands. Kraft is also recyclable, and you can use activewear packaging again in the future.

Reliable and Enduring Packaging of Wholesale Activewear:

The most significant element in custom activewear packaging is the best quality printing material selection. A custom box printed with poor quality stock can fail to get buyers’ attention and provide unsafe packaging to the inside items. We utilize cardboard and corrugated cardboard in the manufacturing of wholesale activewear boxes. Both materials are durable and sturdy and protect inside products from external harm.

Beautify Activewear Subscription Boxes with Impressive Coatings:

Coatings are employed to give durability and strength to activewear packaging and save items from scuffs and scratches during shipping. Moreover, some coating options are used to create a shiny and velvety touch to packaging and give a luxurious appearance. We apply the following coating solutions to adorn your men’s activewear subscription boxes:

  • matte lamination
  • gloss lamination
  • aqueous coating
  • spot UV

Activewear Packaging with Additional Add-Ons Features: 

Various embellishments and add-ons are used to create secure and intriguing activewear packaging. We at ICustomBoxes apply a wide range of finishings to enhance the beauty and worth of packaging. In finishings, we have:

  • embossing
  • debossing
  • gluing
  • foil stamping
  • silver/gold foiling
  • windows cut-outs
  • PVC sheets
  • perforations

Why Choose Us?

ICustomBoxes is one of the leading companies in the USA. We have been providing our services in the USA for many years. The provision of customer’s satisfactory services has made us the number one choice of our clients. We provide not only high-quality custom activewear monthly boxes at wholesale prices but also give a free shipping facility with the shortest turnaround time. You can also avail of our discount offers on large bulk orders. Moreover, there are no charges for plates, die-cuts, and physical samples.

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