Things You need to Clean a Suede Jacket For Women

In the 1960s and 1970s, a suede jacket for women was an extremely fashionable outerwear option. Now they have made a comeback, and new and improved styles are available. You can wear it with either jeans or chinos, and that’s the ideal time to do so. However, taking care of suede jackets for women is a tricky task. In this article, we’ll share some effective tips in this regard.

The Removal of Stains

It’s a well-known fact that suede is more susceptible to stains. In point of fact, it requires a significant amount of upkeep. On the other hand, I would like to call attention to the fact that you can clean it whenever it’s required. In the first place, you have to wait for the stain to dry completely while it is at room temperature. You can play it safe by delaying the beginning of the cleaning process until the following day. You will not run into any problems if you are familiar with the various tools and the tasks that are performed with each one.


When it comes to removing stains caused by dirt or mud from a suede material, this tool is your best bet. It is a special type of brush with bristles made of brass on the interior of the handle. The effectiveness of bristles lies in their stiffness; however, this means that you need to brush very carefully. The trick is to make quick strokes that all head in the same general direction. Performing this task on a hard surface is not recommended. While you are using this tool, it is a good idea to place a towel under the jacket. You can apply additional pressure in the case of difficult stains.


Here is a tip for improving your life that you probably haven’t tried before. If the stain is only in a few spots or lines, you can get rid of them with a brown gum eraser. After you have removed all of the marks, you can either use the gum again or a wet cloth to bring back the nap. However, it is essential to employ a light touch when using an eraser of any kind. You must not use a pink eraser since it has the potential to soak up some of the pink dye that is used to color the eraser.

Paper Towel

This works particularly well for stains caused by juice, coffee, or tea. Before beginning to scrub the stain with a brush, you should first cover it with paper towels to act as a barrier. It is necessary to exert a moderate amount of pressure using either your hands or the tool you use.


Always make sure to check the label for cleaning instructions before attempting any kind of cleaning. It is important to keep in mind that not all suede products have the same exact components in their construction.

Protector Spray

The use of a protective product is required for a suede jacket for women in the same that it is for leather. Sprays designed to protect this type of fabric can be purchased at leather stores and other retailers that specialize in suede goods. They protect your fabric from the elements, which can leave stains on your clothing. Spraying suede is what I recommend doing for all suede products.

FAQs About Suede Jackets For Women

The following frequently asked questions will also help you take care of your jackets in the best possible manner.

Is water harmful to suede jackets?

It is important to keep them away from the rain because water can destroy the material and leave stains on the surface. Though the stains can be removed, it is still preferable to keep the jacket away from getting in contact with water.

Is there any faux suede available?

There is such a thing as fake suede, but it’s hard to tell the difference between the two because the fake one is made to look and feel just like the real thing. The quality of real and faux is comparable, and both types are durable and comfy.

What is the most effective solution for cleaning suede jackets for women?

Because it does not leave behind any stains as water does, vinegar is the best cleaner for it. First, pour some vinegar onto a clean washcloth, then rub it on the stained area, and finally, let the affected area dry. After that, fluff the fabric up and brush away any dirt that may be remaining.

What is the best way to clean a suede jacket?

To clean your suede jackets, first of all, you need to warm the surface up using a blow dryer, and then you can use either vinegar or alcohol. Raise the nap in a number of different directions, and use a brush to remove any dirt that you find. After that, a suede conditioner should be applied.

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