Custom Boxes: Stats, Facts, and Data You'll Ever Need to Know

Custom Boxes: Stats, Facts, and Data You’ll Ever Need to Know

Have you ever bought a product due to its eye-captivating packaging at any retail or supermarket? We know your answer is yes. Everyone in this world purchases things due to their elegant packaging boxes. So, give your branded items an exciting appearance with the custom boxes wholesale. How fascinating are they? Because they come up with various customization features, luxurious styles and colors that make them luscious. 

Moreover, they consist of durable materials that improve your product’s shelf life. For these reasons, custom boxes are vital for every brand nowadays. Let’s have a look at the stats, facts and data about custom made boxes that make them essential for you. 

Custom Printed Boxes Influence Customers’ Packaging Decision 

Every brand wants buyers to get influenced by tier products and buy them instantly. When people buy their products more, then their brand will get successful. So product sales and buyers directly relate to the company’s growth. 

The most influential tool for any brand is its product packaging. Custom boxes wholesale are the right option to select because they have eye-captivating designs and colors influencing the purchasing decision. 

IPSOS says that 72% of buyers buy the product by getting influenced by the packaging design. 

As you can see, researchers have proved that perfectly designed customizable boxes improve your sales through their statistical data. 

Customers Change Brands Due To Ravishing Packaging 

Give your brand great attention by selecting the right mixture of colors for custom boxes wholesale. If the colors do not match your brand or product theme. It will not grab buyers’ attention and do not make your brand popular among people. 

Want to make your brand the talk of everyone, you should follow these tips, which are:

  • Right color mixture 
  • Elegant style 
  • Creative artwork 

Follow these three tips and give your product excellent visibility by beating others. Even other brands’ regular customers can shift towards yours. For this, you have to put effort into your custom made boxes. 

According to Westrock, 50% of buyers shift to another brand due to smoking hot packaging boxes. 

You can see that packaging boxes do great wonders for your brand in every aspect. Other than that, you should also need to know about the facts of custom printed boxes that make them a better option for you. 

High Durability Improve Branded Items Safety For Longer Times

Durability is the most crucial thing about custom boxes wholesale, making them the best option for you. They consist of sturdy materials which are:

  • Kraft 
  • Cardboard 
  • Corrugated cardboard 
  • Rigid 

These are highly robust materials, and they save products from external factors. So, the external damaging factors are temperature, moisture, and dirt. Consequently, they increase the shelf life of your items, maybe frozen food, jewelry, mobile phone, serums and cosmetics. 

For shipping purposes, you can use corrugated cardboard for your products. They are highly durable and commonly used for product packaging. Even researchers have proved through their  7 Perceptive statistics that they are high in use. 

Global marketing insights says that in 2021 corrugated packaging market size will be 67.7 billion, and by 2028 it will become 294.4 billion square. 

Due to their excellent protection providing the ability to produce, many manufacturers have started using them. That’s why the packaging market is increasing day by day. 

Highly Cost-Effective Product Packaging Boxes 

If you don’t use inexpensive tools and methods for your product packaging, it will be impossible for your company to balance its budget. Creating a variety of products might occasionally be challenging. Due to the expense, maintaining and enhancing item quality is necessary. 

There is a step you can take to balance your budget, though. If you purchase custom boxes wholesale, you can easily maintain your budget. In packaging markets, these solutions are offered at low costs and in large quantities. 

They are purchased in significant quantities by brands all around the world. Their production necessitates the use of low-energy resources. It has become simple for packaging companies to offer reduced prices so that product producers can readily purchase them. 

Additionally, these cheap custom boxes can safeguard your finances in various ways. As a result, their defensive qualities will prevent you from continually producing your products.

Develops Communication With Buyers 

As a manufacturer, you should know you have a strong connection with your buyers. You can develop it through packaging with your customers. What type of connection do we want to say? We are talking about that connection which helps you attain your purchaser’s loyalty. So, they always buy your branded items. 

How can you make a strong connection with your buyers through packaging? We know this question pops up in your mind. But the answer is simple through custom boxes wholesale. These packaging boxes have the information that makes your product authoritative, which are:

  • Your product ingredients 
  • Company’s information 
  • Brand’s logo 
  • Warnings 
  • Expiry or manufacturing date of product 
  • Usage 

These things help your brand to develop a strong connection with your buyers. Moreover, you can easily win their trust by providing correct and accurate information. So, give your sales a significant boost with these custom packaging boxes.

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